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Sean was a quiet and confident freshman at High Tech High Chula Vista. Students there are currently working on a special mural to honor Sean and to capture the significance of his poem, "Honest Opinion." Over fifty students are working on this project under the leadership and guidance of Patrick Yurick, the school's Multimedia Instructor and one of Sean's teachers. Local artists from the community are also providing input and suggestions for the mural. The mural will be painted onto six 4X6 aluminum panels and displayed on the front wall of the school. These pictures show the development of the mural and how it will be displayed. In his poem, Sean said that he wants this world to change into what we all want it to be, so we can stop fighting and killing, and start loving. The Imagine Mural will be a powerful and moving presentation of Sean's ideals of peace and love.

The unveiling of the Imagine Mural in honor of Sean Fuchs was held at High Tech High Chula Vista (1945 Discovery Falls Dr., CV 91915) on Wed. May 9, 2012 (Sean's birthday) at 5:00 p.m.


May 9, 2012 "Unveiling the Imagine Mural"


Jan 20, 2012 "Community Painting Day"

Students, teachers, friends and community were invited to come and help apply the base paint on the panels for the Imagine Mural that is being created to honor Sean.

Kyle was an outstanding student and athlete at Bonita Vista Middle School. He spent almost every lunch period playing basketball. Through his love of sports, Kyle developed many strong friendships and became a leader and role model for students, teachers and coaches. To honor him and his memory, basketball court #2 has been transformed into a memorial basketball court known as "Kyle's Court." The court has been repaired, resurfaced and painted blue, with gray keys, yellow lines, and "Kyle's Court in the center circle. New nets have also been installed on the hoops, and a memorial plaque has been mounted on the east pole. New basketballs were donated to the school, and a special memorial basketball for Kyle has been placed in the school's trophy case. This basketball court will be a vivid reminder of Kyle's ideals of integrity and excellence, and will be an inspiration to BVMS students now and into the future. The unveiling and dedication of Kyle's Court was held on Wednesday, February 1, 2012.

Photo of basketball court #2 before the transformation:

September 15, 2012

Congratulations to the recipients of the Kyle 21 Memorial Football Scholarship for the 2012-2013 season:

Domonic Esparza

January 31, 2012

I am pleased to establish the “Kyle 21” Memorial Football Scholarship for Chula Vista Aztecs Youth Football players in honor of my son, Kyle Joseph Fuchs, who passed away on June 21, 2011 at the age of 13. Kyle was an outstanding football player, sportsman and leader. His favorite position was running back, and he modeled himself after LaDainian Tomlinson. Kyle exemplified integrity and excellence both on and off the field. This scholarship will be an important reminder of Kyle and his dedication to the Chula Vista Aztecs. Two $300 scholarships will be awarded to two players. All applications must be received by August 21 prior to the start of each football season. As Kyle would say, “Bring it on!”

-- Maria Pe, a.k.a. “Kyle’s Mom”

For more information, please download the application.

Peace Leadership League (PLL) is a group of high school students with the desire to learn and spread peace in the world. PLL is a student led and teacher supported group that seeks to be the change they wish to see in the world. Their accomplishments include receiving certification in conflict management, planning retreats, and bringing International Peace Day and Bully Prevention Week programs to High Tech High Chula Vista. In addition, last year they hosted their first annual Peace Conference led fully by students.

The students of PLL are looking for ways to improve their knowledge of peace, and to see what other parts of the globe are doing to change the world. The students' desire to improve as people and be instrumental in changing the world has grown. As a result, PLL is planning a trip to Costa Rica to the United Nations’ University for Peace. Their former teacher and advisor, Ted Cuevas, is getting his master’s degree in Peace Education from UPeace, and he is working with the university to organize classes, workshops, and field experiences for the students. Since he arrived in Costa Rica, he has learned an incredible amount, met international experts, and has experienced what a special place UPeace is. He quickly knew that he wanted to be able to offer an experience there to high school students. He has been working in Costa Rica to organize this opportunity for these HTHCV students. The group plans on going from April 1- 13, and the estimated cost for one student is approximately $1,672.07. Six students are planning on attending this program.

The students will not only learn about different topics and ways they can approach peace, but they will also interact with a wide variety of people that share the same desire and ideals to make this world a better place. This trip will be educational, and it will also serve as a retreat for the students to continue on their paths to becoming better people.

Renata Botello, Savannah Alvarez, Connor Tait, Julio Sweet, Tori Baker, Maygualida Villagarcia, and Gregory Johnson

Peace Leadership League Members