A Mother's Journey

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When everything you thought was real, everything you cared about, loved and valued is stripped away from you, what is left? Your true essence, who you truly are, all that matters, all that IS. Your wholeness, your truth, your perfection, One-ness, connected to the Source.

Aura photo taken on August 8, 2012

A Mother's Journey

Shortly after Sean and Kyle left Earth realm, I began to do two things that I had never done before:

(1) meditate
(2) keep a journal

At the time, I did not know why I felt compelled to do these things. But I know now – so I can share my journey, and do what I can to give hope and comfort to others who are experiencing profound loss.

Writing a book about my experience was not really my idea. Rather, it was simply divine guidance telling me that I had to do it, that I had to share it, and that I had to talk about it. As I have stated in the book, it is part of my remaining work here and my contribution in this lifetime. You may print or download a copy for free by clicking on the link below. Please feel free to share it with anyone whom it might help.

Journey to the Upper Realm: How I Survived the Deaths of My Sons And Learned To Communicate With Them On The Other Side by Maria I. Pe (2013)

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Now available in hard copy on Amazon:

Maria Pe Book

Interviews on the Seek Reality radio show:

9/21/2013: Listen to the podcast

11/16/2013: Listen to the podcast

5/31/2014: Listen to the podcast

You can right-click on the link and choose "Save Target As..." to download to your local hardrive to listen.

6/1/2014: Presentation to Grace Spiritual Center, Encinitas, California

7/11/2014: Presentation at Association for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies Annual Conference (pending)

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To make a tax-deductable contribution, please make checks payable to:

Sean & Kyle Imagine Fund
c/o The San Diego Foundation
2508 Historic Decatur Road #200
San Diego, CA 92106

This charitable fund is being established to promote and pursue the positive changes that Sean and Kyle made in this world and that they will continue to make through the love, compassion and wisdom they are generating through their souls by embracing all of us and the universe.